Miner Bees Moving In

  • Posted on: 24 July 2018
  • By: msmolins

Students who ponder around the Reiley Garden or walk by the Arboretum Outreach Center on their way to class have noticed an interesting cob structure standing between a small pollinator garden and the Reiley Garden, with some new neighbors living in the wall.

Sunrise Yoga in the Garden

  • Posted on: 26 June 2018
  • By: msmolins

Many studies cite the importance of being part of the natural world around us. Regardless of the type of activity, whether it's hands-on gardening, digging in the dirt, taking a walk or a hike, camping, or just quietly experiencing nature, it can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and encourage connections.

Good Neighbor Day Registration is Open!

  • Posted on: 9 March 2018
  • By: msmolins

Calling all volunteers, students, staff, faculty, families, and friends! Good Neighbor Day registation is now open! Sign up to give back to our community while having fun in the sun with your friends!

Where Pollinators Spend Their Winter

  • Posted on: 17 February 2018
  • By: msmolins

Where are our Maryland pollinators spending the winter?  Let's take a quick look at the overwintering habits of four different species of bees that are important pollinators for our food crops here in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. 

Global Tree Campaign Initiative

  • Posted on: 2 December 2017
  • By: msmolins

We here at the UMD Arboretum and Botanical Garden are taking part in an initiative founded in 1999 called the Global Tree Campaign. The focus of this campaign is to protect and preserve native endangered trees, and of the several North American trees listed on the Global Tree Campaign website.

Plant Your Own Pollinator Friendly Garden Now!

  • Posted on: 26 October 2017
  • By: msmolins

 Fall may be seen as the “end of the season,” but it’s still a great time to think about planting a garden to benefit our pollinator friends.

Silent Spring Turns 55

  • Posted on: 27 September 2017
  • By: msmolins

On September 27, 1962, Rachel Carson's seminal book Silent Spring was published, inspiring a monumental environmental movement and necessitating a closer scrutiny of pesticide use in the United States.