‘Butterflies’ Magnolia

‘Butterflies’ Magnolia is a cross between the Cucumber Magnolia (M. acuminata) and the Yulan Magnolia (M. denudata). Named after botanist Pierre Magnol, magnolias date back to before the evolution of bees, and are instead pollinated by beetles. The ‘Butterflies’ Magnolia tree is characterized by its tulip-shaped, rich yellow flowers. In mid spring, these flowers bloom along its branches, filling them with color and the fragrance of lemons. The leaves are dark green and oblong-shaped. It grows best in hardiness zone 5, preferring moist, well-drained, and slightly acidic soil. Sunlight can range anywhere from full sun to partial shade. Pruning should be done in midsummer, when the plant has full leaves. Although it’s a high-maintenance plant, ‘Butterflies’ Magnolia can live up to 50 years or more if properly cared for, providing a lovely garden accent. You can find two on campus near Tawes Plaza!




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By ILS Intern Grace Cong