JFarm at the Hillel

JFarm, a garden located at the Hillel near south campus, is the perfect location to be part of a community and participate in gardening. JFarm originally began eight years ago by a group of students with a passion for gardening. The garden was put together at the Hillel, a Jewish community center adjacent to campus, to provide the opportunity to be outside and offer education in the form of vegetable gardening. To help bring the community together, JFarm has offered several events such as harvesting, weekly garden hours, a demonstration on how to make chai tea, a guest speaker for Environmental Policy from Israel, and adopt-a-plant day. The garden has recently gone through some improvements such as replacing the chicken wire, and repainting the fences, which was another of the many service events that was offered this year.

Some of the different produce that you could find growing at JFarm include spinach, kale, lettuce, beets, cauliflower, squash, herbs, and sage. When the produce is harvested, JFarm donates some of it to the UMD campus pantry, located in the University Health Center. In the future, they are hoping to be able to donate more of their produce and add different produce to their current list of what they grow. JFarm is also looking to offer more educational events along with the many events that they have had so far.

The garden is currently maintained by the help of volunteers during their weekly gardening hours held Sundays at 5pm from September to November, and then resume in March. Along with the volunteers that they have during the school year, they are also hoping to have more volunteers during the summer months, as this is the prime time for growing produce.

Written by intern Cameron Smith