The University of Maryland’s Arboretum and Botanical Garden seeks to connect students with the campus in a way that other campus organizations can’t; that is, through horticulture and landscaping. Not only does the campus Arboretum focus on connecting volunteers with different gardens and landscapes around campus, but we also provide several internship opportunities for students who want to take things a step above regularly volunteering.

Installed in the fall of 2018 on the south side of the Physical Sciences Complex, this garden honors the work of Professor Joseph Weber (1919-2000).

Two of the University of Maryland’s gardens have won county-wide recognition by winning the Prince George’s County Beautification Award.

Michael Carmichael became University of Maryland’s first Stormwater Management and Maintenance Inspector five years ago. He is featured as one of the “Sustainability Seven” because of his dedication to helping make UMD a more sustainable campus through better stormwater management practices.

UMD continues a legacy in soil judging, setting the pace for international soil science. Team USA took first place in the Third International Soil Judging Contest this August in Brazil, with UMD coaches front and center to help lead the team to victory.