Land Acknowledgement

  • Posted on: 16 September 2022
  • By: msmolins

Every community owes its existence and strength to the generations before them, around the world, who contributed their hopes, dreams, and energy into making the history that led to this moment.

Wooded Beauty on Campus

  • Posted on: 25 June 2022
  • By: msmolins

Did you know there are wooded trails to hike on the University of Maryland’s campus? In the northwest corner of campus, across from the Terrapin Trail Garage, lies the Wooded Hillock, a natural area with rustic trails. Volunteer trail stewards scout for litter, rake leaves off the paths, and mark the knowns trails with fallen logs each season. Covering approximately 13 acres, here you are immersed in trees and fallen leaves, and the traffic on nearby Highway 193 fades to a murmur.