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Wide-angle view of McKeldin Library with lens flare.


Locally published Articles

  • American Chestnuts on Campus

    American chestnuts, Castanea dentata, are majestic deciduous trees that once filled forests across the eastern United States. A mature American chestnut can reach an impressive size, it can grow over a hundred feet tall with a 10-foot trunk diameter.

  • Land Acknowledgement

    Land Acknowledgement Every community owes its existence and strength to the generations before them, around the world, who contributed their hopes, dreams, and energy into making the history that led to this moment.

  • July 12 Surprise Storm

    August 31, 2022 Around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12, severe thunderstorms hit the College Park area producing straight-line winds, hail, and heavy rain. Peak wind gusts estimated at 80-90 MPH (equivalent to a low-end EF1 tornado) caused tornado-like damage throughout the College Park area including widespread power outages, downed trees, flooding and building damage.

  • Wooded Beauty on Campus

    Wooded Hillock, a natural area with rustic trails. Did you know there are wooded trails to hike on the University of Maryland’s campus? In the northwest corner of campus, across from the Terrapin Trail Garage, lies the Wooded Hillock, a natural area with rustic trails.

  • ‘Forest Bathing’ as Stress Reliever

    It’s a typically stressful workday careening toward the semester’s end, and I am spending part of it sprawled on my belly in the woods, watching skittering ants and little white mushrooms growing on decaying sticks.

  • ‘An interesting job’: A look into the lives of UMD groundskeepers

    Did you see the recent feature on our staff in The Diamondback? We are so proud to serve the students, faculty, and staff of our University! Read the full story here:  

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