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Court-ordered & Campus-ordered Community Service


We welcome members of the community and students to serve their court-ordered or campus-ordered community service hours with us. We are a public, non-profit organization and letters confirming service hours will be provided by the volunteer coordinator at the completion of the total number of hours to be served. However, volunteers must inform Arboretum staff that they are volunteering for the court or for the Office of Student Conduct prior to the day of the event in which they participate and volunteers must receive confirmation from the volunteer coordinator before they can complete their hours. Verification of hours cannot be awarded after the fact, as we generally do not take attendance at service events. 

In order to begin service with us, please send us your email address and phone number, the number of hours you need, and the deadline for completion. Also note that our regular work hours are 6am - 2:30pm Monday through Friday. 


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