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Barnes, Dereck

About Dereck Barnes

The Lot 4b Football Tailgate Crew dedicated a tree to Dereck Jamal Barnes at the football game against Purdue University on October 8, 2022. Dereck, 57, of Oakton, VA, formerly of Fayetteville, passed away on Thursday, June 02, 2022 in Texas. He is remembered as a huge supporter of University of Maryland football and was a cornerstone of the Lot 4b Tailgate Crew. His enthusiasm and joy will be sorely missed. 

Dereck Barnes posing with Testudo


Image of Dereck Barnes



About the Bur Oak

This tree is a Quercus macrocarpa, also known as a bur oak or a mossycup oak. It is of the white oak family with dark, lustrous leaves. The oak will eventually grow to 70 or 80 feet in height under optimal conditions, but has a slow growth rate. It is best seen as a solitary tree so that its form of a massive trunk with broad, sweeping branches, can be readily appreciated. This oak drops acorns every year, and the acorns are distinctive in that the cap of the acorn nearly covers the entire nut. According to Michael Dirr, in Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, it is native to Maryland and also has yellow fall color. 


Bur Oak donation



Staff cheering for Dereck at donation ceremony
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