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Blues Bird

Blues Bird

Located near The Clarice on the Northwest Corner Presidential Drive is the Blues Bird. The Blues Bird is symbolic in that it is the Prince Georges County (PG) bird, which is why it was originally used by artists to make new work of art and to help bring more visitors to PG county.

This statue, made from painted steel was created by Michele Colburn, an artist from Washington D.C. She has been in the art business for about 20 years and has different art pieces and exhibitions in several locations such as New York, D.C., Virginia, among others. After it was created, Clarice and Patsy Mote, the wife of the University’s President at the time, put it in its current location in 2003. The Blues Bird is also sponsored by the Prince George’s Arts Council. The Prince George’s Arts Council is a nonprofit available to offer the community a variety of art experiences.

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Written by Cameron Smith, photo by Sam Bahr

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