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College Park Scholars - Environment, Technology, & Economy

About College Park Scholars - Environment, Technology, & Economy

College Park Scholars is a two-year living–learning program for academically talented students. 

The Environment, Technology and Economy (ETE) program takes on the complex and urgent issues of global sustainability from an environmental, social and economic perspective. Students explore:

  • Human impacts on ecosystems and the natural environment;
  • Advances in technology and efficiency; and
  • The role of economic sectors, such as energy, transportation and manufacturing. 

The program offers a holistic and intersectional view of sustainability, examining how institutional systems and traditional power structures create differential exposure to environmental hazards depending on race, gender and national origin. Ultimately, students are encouraged to evaluate sustainability at a personal level, in the context of their own academic, professional and personal lives.

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About the redbud

The redbud is native to North America and Canada, in regions of Connecticut to New York, to the Great Lakes region and southern Ontario, and to Western Texas and Florida. Before the foliage emerges, the tree flowers in early spring, producing an abundance of small, red-purple flowers that make the tree particularly stunning. The flowers eventually lead to bean-like dry seed pods that mature and turn brown in the summer. The flowers of this tree are attractive to nectar-seeking insects and the seeds and nesting sites attract a variety of birds.


Flowering redbud
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