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CPSS340: College Park Scholars: Infrastructure and Society

Course Description: One of the most important, and underappreciated, aspects of our society is its infrastructure (roads, buildings, communication systems, water delivery systems, sanitation systems, energy systems, etc.). We often take for granted the services infrastructure bring us. As a consequence, the United States, which at one time was a world leader in creating infrastructure, is experiencing an infrastructure crisis. Furthermore, not everyone experiences this issue equally. This course is designed to identify the root causes of the crisis. You will explore emerging social, political, legal, cultural, and social justice issues associated with the building and maintenance of infrastructure from the perspective of Science and Technology Studies (STS) and engineers. You will work with a volunteer corps of professional engineers from a variety of disciplines on a service-learning project designed to assess the safety and vitality of infrastructure.

Collaboration: Tour of greenroofs and stormwater BMP's on campus with stormwater manager Michael Carmichael

ESJ Greenroof

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