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The Garden of Reflection and Remembrance

Garden of Reflection and Remembrance
Photo by Meg Smolinski, Outreach Coordinator

Dedicated on October 28, 2010, the Garden of Reflection and Remembrance is located on the south side of Memorial Chapel and features an attractive array of woody and herbaceous plants nestled amidst a mature tree canopy. The TKF Foundation, the Division of Student Affairs, and Facilities Management partnered to plant the seeds for this contemplative garden as a place of respite, healing, contemplation and connection. The TKF Foundation is dedicated to sponsoring creation of gardens and spaces that encourage and embrace multiculturalism as well as stimulate people to take time for reflection and renewal. The design and construction involved a collaborative process which began with Landscape Architecture students and was completed by ValleyCrest Landscape with construction oversight by Facilities Management. Naming opportunities and additional sponsorship are available for discussion through the Division of Student Affairs.

The garden is a mixture of unique and select native and exotic plants with multi-season interest as well as a blend of natural and recycled building and paving materials. Features include a granite labyrinth, two sustainable fountains, signature TKF benches with journals to capture the thoughts and feelings of visitors, and a restored Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The garden features four elements common to all TKF projects: a portal through which to pass, a path to explore and discover, destination points to guide one’s movement, and a sense of surround that separates you from your daily activities and allows contemplation.

As with all good gardens, this sacred space is expected to grow and evolve as it nurtures the community which visits. We hope to see you there!

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