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Knight Hall Pollinator Garden

Knight Hall Pollinator GardenOriginally conceived as Honeybee Haven in 2015, the garden area on the east side of Knight Hall underwent an addition and expansion in the summer of 2019 as has been renamed the Knight Hall Pollinator Garden to better encompass the breadth of work this garden does. 

The construction of Honeybee Haven was initially created in part with a grant from the Sustainability Fund and was designed by Arboretum staff to introduce more native grasses and flowering plants to that landscape area. The initial plantings started in the beds that border Campus Drive behind Knight Hall and the recent addition has expanded the Knight Hall Pollinator Garden in an arc hugging the outdoor patio at Knight Hall, running over to the corner of the building by Lot 1b. 

The area hosts both native and non-native pollinator-friendly plants, most of which will bloom in the middle of summer and many will continue to bloom into the fall as well, to help pollinators prepare for the winter months. The garden includes such flowering plants like Kankakee Mallow, Blue Globe Thistles, White Evening Primrose, Lemon Bee Balm, Chocolate Flower (Berlandiera lyrata), and 'Jeana' Tall Phlox.

Future plans include installing more seating and an informative sign, to tell the story of the importance of this area of campus. 

See more photos of the plants in bloom and other details here:

You can read more about the initial creation of Honeybee Haven in this Washington Gardener article:

See below for updated plant list of all that is growing in this incredible space!

This garden has been certified bird friendly by the Prince George's Audubon Society.

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