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Sands, Doris

About Dr. Doris Sands

A red maple is dedicated to Dr. Doris Sands, a renowned sexuality educator at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health within the Department of Behavioral and Community Health from 1964 to 1986.2 The scholarship is given to a student who exemplifies strong motivation and interest in the field as Dr. Sands did.2  She was recognized for her “tremendous teaching skills and ability to reach thousands of students,” and is honored by the Doris W. Sands Scholarship.1



Plaque for Dr. Sands

 About the Red Maple

The red maple, or Acer rubrum, honoring Dr. Doris Sands is located outside the School of Public Health building.1 This tree is native to eastern and central North America, is easy to grow, and tolerates a wide range of soils. As the name suggests, new growth tends to be tinged with red, and in the fall the leaves turn a vibrant red color. The leaves have three main triangular lobes that have serrated margins and pointed tips. This tree flowers around March to April prior to the emergence of the leaves. The fruit is a two-winged samara that is tinged with red.2




Sands' tree


Leaf close up

Written by Arboretum interns Amanda Sames and Julianne Ramey

Photos by Meg Smolinski and Julianne Ramey

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