One of the University of Maryland’s most important features and outdoor art pieces is the statues of the campus mascot, Testudo. These Testudo sculptures are bronze with varying bases and four can be found on campus. The statues are thought by the campus community to bring good luck to those who rub Testudo’s nose. Whether it is before an exam, assignment, interview, or a big game, everyday countless number of students pass testudo and rub his nose. During the week of finals, it has become a ritual for students to leave the Testudo located at the McKeldin Library, offerings to bring them good luck for their upcoming exams.

The Testudo at the McKeldin Library East Terrace was designed by Aristride Cianfarani in 1933 and was given to the campus as a gift from that year’s graduating class. The Testudo pictured here is the new addition to the family and is in the courtyard on the west side Van Munching Hall, bring the total to seven. The other locations where the campus community can find Testudo statues are: on the field at Maryland Stadium, in front of Gossett Football Team House, at the Riggs Alumni Center, inside the Stamp Student Union, and at the Xfinity Center South Terrace. All of these Testudos continue to be visited by so many students, staff, and community members daily.


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Written by Cameron Smith

Photo by Sam Bahr