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Weaver, Matthew Davis

About Matthew Davis Weaver

Weaver Plaque

An American Beech tree on campus is dedicated to Matthew Davis Weaver after he passed on June 2, 2005.1 Matthew Weaver was a dedicated second-year Landscape Architecture student and College of Agriculture ambassador in his junior year at the University of Maryland. He was also an active swimmer and lifeguard within the University’s Swimming Club. Throughout his life, work, and landscape architecture designs, water was always a passion of his.2 Outside the Eppley Recreation Center, there was already a thriving American Beech tree said to be his favorite, so a memorial marker was placed by the tree in commemoration of his life. Along with a tree dedicated to him, there are swim meets and a scholarship in his name: UMD Club Swim Matt Weaver Memorial Meet and the Matthew D. Weaver Memorial Scholarship, respectively.


About the American Beech

The tree dedicated to Matthew Davis Weaver was his favorite: Fagus grandifolia, commonly known as the American Beech tree. It is located by the front entrance of the Eppley Recreation Center. This tree is native to Eastern North America and grows to a height of 50 to 80 feet with a spread of 40 to 80 feet, although it is a slow grower. Its branches grow low to the ground, and the trunk, with thin, smooth, gray bark, is around 2-3’ in diameter. The American Beech provides a wide-spread canopy, great for shade, consisting of elliptical-shaped, dark green leaves, around 5” long, with wide-spread teeth along the leaf margin. The leaves turn a beautiful golden-bronze color in the fall.3 The tree also produces hard, brown beachnuts, available for consumption by animals.3 The American Beech blooms yellow-green flowers in April to May.3 Although this tree is a slow grower, it is great for shade, ornamental design, and has great longevity.4


Weaver Tree

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