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Zhang, Maggie Yue

About Maggie Yue Zhang

Maggie Zhang

Maggie Yue Zhang was a sociology graduate student and teaching assistant at the University of Maryland and a Chinese native. Zhang learned English at the age of 10 while living in the United Arab Emirates with her parents, which she later taught to others in China. Zhang completed her undergraduate degree in Beijing and came to UMD to complete her masters degree. On top of sociology, Zhang was interested in mathematical finance and feminist theory. Although she was a Washington resident, she had plans to move to New York. Zhang was known for her “outgoing personality, interest in American culture and love of food.” She passed away on March 30, 2004.1


About the Hinoki Falsecypress

The tree dedicated to Maggie Yue Zhang is located on the eastern side of the Art-Sociology building, towards Tawes Plaza. It is a Hinoki falsecypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa), a needled evergreen conifer native to Japan. The tree grows to 50-75 feet tall in cultivation and 15.0-25.0 feet wide and has a pyramidal shape.2 This specific Hinoki falsecypress is only 6.0 feet in height, has a spread of 3.5 feet and a trunk diameter of 1.0 feet. The tree has spreading branches that have flattened horizontal branchlets that droop at the ends and dark green, scaly leaves with white markings on the bottom. It has reddish-brown bark, and is non-flowering but rather has small greenish-brown cones in females and orange-brown cones in males.2 The tree is often used in privacy screens due to its height and density, as well as a bonsai or ornamentally in its dwarf form.3

Zhang Plaque


Zhang Tree

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