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ENTM735: Sustainability

Wooded Hillock Trail, photo by Meg Smolinski
Wooded Hillock Trail

Course Description: 

Application of the concept of sustainability to both ecosystem services provided by beneficial insects, as well as the management of injurious insects. Ecological functions of insects in the natural and anthropogenic landscape will be illustrated and discussed. In addition, case histories and discussions will focus on themes of sustainability in successful IPM programs, as well as specific practices that lead to sustainable agriculture. The course will conclude with the development of a list of sustainable practices for conserving and managing insects in the landscape.

Semester: Summer 2022

The Arboretum supports the work of nearly every Entomology class offered by the University of Maryland by providing biodiverse habitat for insects. More specifically, tours of the Knight Hall Pollinator Garden are regularly offered and the Wooded Hillock provided the location for the required "blog post" assignment here:


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