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Rain Gardens

What Is a Rain Garden?

Guilford Run Bioretention Facility

Guliford Run Bioretention Planting
Guliford Run Bioretention Planting

Along the southwest edge of campus, between Campus Drive and Parking Lot 1, is the Guilford Run Bioretention Facility, a beautiful and powerful little native plant garden that is well worth a visit.

Stormwater Management on Campus

Rain Garden
UMD Golf Course Rain Garden in action

Stormwater management is the effort to mitigate the impact of rainwater runoff from impervious surfaces such as parking lots, streets, and lawns.

Native Gardens

Our Native Plant Gardens

Tree Appraisal of McKeldin Mall Oaks

Trees Have a Value

Tree Appraisal of McKeldin Mall Oaks
How 129 Oak Trees can be worth $3.53 Million
The Trunk Formula Method can be used to appraise the monetary value of trees when they are considered too large to be replaced with nursery or field grown stock (Bloch, 2000). This size consideration applies to the trees forming the double allee surrounding McKeldin Mall. The input variables for this estimation method include: Location, Species Rating, Condition, Size, and Installed Tree Cost.

The Campus Tree Radar Unit (TRUTM)

Tree Radar
Tree Trunk Structure Analysis

The UMD Arboretum uses ground penetrating radar (GPR) as a non-invasive method to analyze tree trunk structure, root health, and risk.

Japanese Cryptomeria

The Japanese Cryptomeria (Cryptomeria japonica), from Japan and Southern China, can be found on the University of Maryland campus at the H.J. Patterson building. This tree requires medium amounts of water and a full amount of sunlight. The best soil conditions include easily drainable, acidic, and fertile soil. The average height that the Japanese Cryptomeria can reach is between 50 to 60 feet, and the average width that it can reach is between 20 to 30 feet. The best use for this tree is for screening purposes.

Entomology Club

Entomology Club Logo

The Entomology Student Organization (ESO) of the University of Maryland, Entomology Department, is an organization established for the advancement and recognition of entomology graduate students.

Semester: Fall 2021

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