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CLFS610: Natural Products Chemistry

Course Description

Foundations of natural products chemistry; how nature goes about making (biosynthesizing) these compounds and elements of enzymology and genomics relevant to production of these compounds; relevance of natural products chemistry as a driving force for drug discovery and innovation in biotechnology.

This lab has utilized the Chemstry Courtyard as a living classroom and continues to be involved in its care and maintenance, providing experietial learning opportunities for students in the Chemistry Department. 

BSCI126: Pollinators in Crisis

Bumble Bee pollinating pink flowerThis class dissects the pollinator crisis, and in the process students learn about insects, about the interaction of organisms in complex ecosystems, and about the human-nature interface. Students will work in groups that specialize in an aspect of pollinator biology and their challenges.

BMGT468V Special Topics in Management and Organization; Business Models and Methods to Affect Social Change

This class organized a two hour social venture, raising money for an organizaton. This class chose to work with food insecurity and support the Community Learning Garden by raising money for the garden and the pantry and educating people on the availability of the pantry. 

BMGT160: The Intentional Self

Course Description:

As you navigate adulthood, you will constantly be making decisions that impact your personal and professional well being and success. Making these life choices with intention and a perspective of your whole self will increase your life satisfaction. In this course, you will examine who have been, who you are, and who you want to become. We will be exploring the six pillars of the whole self including purpose/character, relationships, wellness, community, prosp

erity, and nature and creating a vision for your future self.

Tours & Talks

Our staff are available to speak to your class or club about the work we do on campus to promote sustainability, create greenspaces to enjoy, conserve water, support wildlife habitat, further classroom knowledge, and improve the health of everyone who comes to campus. Some of our partnerships are listed below. Email us to schedule a tour or talk today!

Academic Partnerships

Spanish-language workshop for landscape professionals at American University
Horticulturist Luis Alfonzo leads a Spanish-language workshop for landscape professionals at American University as part of an educational exchange.

The Arboretum and Botanical

Land Acknowledgement

M initial in bickThe University of Maryland has been working to recognize our past and acknowledge the role our university has played throughout its history in denying access and full participation. An important part of that work is recognizing and respecting that the Piscataway People are the traditional stewards of the lands where we work, live and learn.

Portrait of Chris Erb

Chris Erb

Portrait of Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis

Portrait of Scott Rupert

Scott Rupert

Landscape Operations Manager
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