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Dedicated Trees

Many trees have been donated to our Arboretum in recognition of a person, organization, or event. Click on the image below to learn more about these dedicated trees. If you are interested in contributing to our campus collection, please Email Us and include your name, contact information, and the reason for the dedication so that we may add the information to this page in the future.

Lyons Tree

Anne Marie Lyons was born in 1945, and she passed away in 1995. She received her MBA in 1983. Ms. Lyons’s tree was donated by Mr. Robert H. Smith.

Marlatt Tree

A kousa dogwood is dedicated to Colleen P. Marlatt and Erin P. Marlatt, two University of Maryland students that passed away due to the tornado that hit Prince George’s and Howard Counties on September 24, 2001.

McNair Tree

There is a tree on campus dedicated to Jordan McNair, who was a 19 year old offensive lineman for the University’s football team.

Black gum tree

The memorial tree dedicated to Kayley Hue Milor is on the north side of Pyon-Chen and is a black gum, known for its fall color.

Momen Tree

A yellowwood on campus is dedicated to Bahram Momen, an advanced statistics professor and research consultant in University of Maryland’s Environmental Science and Technology department.

Nalwasky Tree

A European beech is dedicated to Kelly Elizabeth Nalwasky, a sophomore University of Maryland student from Guilford (near Baltimore).

Kwanzan tree in bloom

This tree, a Kwanzan cherry, was dedicated to Cathryn Wong Nevin, a preschool teacher at the Center of Young Children (CYC).

Willow Oak

A willow oak is dedicated to the Centennial Anniversary of the Phi Sigma Kappa (PSK) ETA Chapter at the University of Maryland.

Platz Tree

This tree was dedicated to Chaplain Elizabeth Platz, the first Lutheran woman to be ordained in North America.

Price Tree

A Golden Glory Cornelian cherry dogwood is dedicated to Meghan Elizabeth Price, a 20 year old senior at UMD, who passed away in 1998.

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